Our mission:  

   Save Sag Harbor™ was started as a community-based effort to keep Sag Harbor from becoming overrun by big chain stores, and to make sure that family-and locally-owned businesses can continue to thrive here.  We want to protect the sustainability of Sag Harbor's many small stores and the social, cultural, and environmental aesthetics of the Village. Their proprietors are our friends and neighbors, and if they are pressured to close their doors,  the character, and in fact the "brandable"  nature of our village, will change irrevocably. This realization has evolved into the larger goal of maintaining the scale and quality of life in and around the village in both commercial and residential terms.  Save Sag Harbor's first public meeting was held on July 15th, 2007.

   To this end, Save Sag Harbor has hired legal and planning experts and advisors and is pursuing a multi-pronged approach to help educate ourselves and the community and work with Village officials. Save Sag Harbor is pursuing creative, non-partisan solutions that will benefit our community economically and culturally.

    Save Sag Harbor shall undertake all civic and educational activities necessary to achieve the following in this historic Village:

    ·    Public awareness activities to encourage village property owners to become involved in the issues and the public process, including petitions and letters;

    ·    Public relations activities to encourage village residents and others to "shop locally" in order to support our existing merchants;

    ·    Seminars and panel discussions using planners, lawyers and other consultants to facilitate delivery of information to merchants and village owners on materials relating to Main Street programs, historic preservation, comprehensive planning and other relevant issues.

   ·     Creation of a Village trust to assist in economic development and sustainability efforts.

    ·    Dissemination of information from continuing investigation into contingent aspects of issues facing the Village, including maintaining Village infrastructure, housing concerns, transportation, traffic circulation, environmental impact, and general sustainability.

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Save Sag Harbor has received 501(c)4 status from the Internal Revenue Service. Unfortunately, contributions to this type of organization are rarely tax deductible. We are now beginning the process of organizing a second non-for-profit corporation which may obtain 501(c)3 status. See more on our developments page.

We thank you for your contributions to Save Sag Harbor's efforts!


The 2009 Suffolk County Planning Commission Guidebook

     For those of you wanting to know what an excellent planning guidebook for communities might look like, the Suffolk County Planning Commission issued this guidebook, available to the public. It is hefty, but may be downloaded from their website by clicking THIS LINK.

We found it fascinating reading!

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