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      Save Sag Harbor™ was started as a community-based effort to keep Sag Harbor from becoming overrun by big chain stores, and to make sure that family-and locally-owned businesses can continue to thrive here.  We want to protect the sustainability of Sag Harbor's many small stores and the social, cultural, and environmental aesthetics of the Village. Their proprietors are our friends and neighbors, and if they are pressured to close their doors, the character, and in fact the "brandable"  nature of our village, will change irrevocably. This realization has evolved into the larger goal of maintaining the scale and

quality of life in and around the village in both commercial and residential terms.  Save Sag Harbor's first public meeting was held on July 15th, 2007.


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Love the 5 & Dime and all the great stores here?

Main Street can't remain intact without your purchasing power!

Please think twice before going to a big box store.

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For a look at our work in the recent past, please see our DEVELOPMENTS page.

Traffic calming in Sag Harbor

Save Sag Harbor is pursuing a village-wide traffic calming initiative for Sag Harbor.

Local Urban Planner Jonas Hagen led workshop participants in discussing creative solutions to Village transportation and public space issues last February, 2013. Topics included traffic calming, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, Safe Routes to School programs, parking, public transit... and other related issues participants brought to the table.

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013, we presented our findings to the Village Board, and requested a Multi-Modal Transit Committee. The purview of this committee would include all transit related issues: pursuance and budgeting for Safe Routes to School grant funding; ratification of a Village Complete Streets program; implementation of traffic calming measures; and improvements of bicycling and pedestrian policies and infrastructure.

We invite you to look at some of our results, in PDF form, which include our SH_Active_Transport_Workshop FINAL REPORT PUBLIC copy.pdf, and Traffic Calming Toolbox.

Upholding the Village Zoning Code

The proposed expansion of the Harbor Heights Gas and Service Station on Hampton Rd/Route 114 in a wholly residential area represents a serious challenge to our Village Zoning Code and threatens the quality of life in our village. The variances requested by the developers are unacceptable and hundreds have signed petitions against their proposed changes. We respect their right to renovate, but ask that the Village Zoning Code be upheld.

Save Sag Harbor urges the ZBA to stand firm on requiring the plans for Harbor Heights to conform to only what is allowed by the Sag Harbor Zoning Code.

To this end, Save Sag Harbor has hired lawyer Jeff Bragman to represent our and our neighborhoods’ concerns. We appreciate your support in this continuing effort!

Read more in an article in the East Hampton Star.

Should you wish to send a check, please send to:

Save Sag Harbor

P. O. Box 775

Sag Harbor, NY  11963

Preserving our architectural heritage

We want to share with you an important letter, read to the ARB from the SSH Board Monday, October 28th, 2013, on the continuing construction of the Watchcase Townhouses on the former Bulova property.

My name is Myrna Davis... and I am here tonight as a Board member representing the not-for-profit Save Sag Harbor.

We started receiving complaints about the appearance of the new townhouses being constructed on the Bulova site, now known as the Watchcase Project, a number of weeks ago. The comments came from neighboring property owners and other Village residents. A number of our Board members have walked the site exterior and then reviewed the ARB applications and approvals of this project.

First, as a reminder, our organization supported the restoration and redevelopment of this property. It is perhaps the most important redevelopment project in Sag Harbor's history. After years of neglect, the site deserved to be redeveloped and the Village deserved to have a first class restoration of this important historic building and grounds. That said, the construction of the townhouses has been more than disappointing. The scale of each is too big for the surrounding properties; the design of bungalows or "Mews" housing beneath the main houses, with entrances below grade, is unrelated to anything ever built in the Village; and then several of the materials selected for finishing were completely inappropriate for a 300-year-old historic Village that is a locally and nationally designated Historic District. Therefore the planned use of predominantly synthetic materials on the doors, roofs, chimneys and facades was of particular concern, as are the installed aluminum windows...

Read the entire letter on our DEVELOPMENTS page, and please feel free to weigh in with your own correspondence to:



The Save Sag Harbor Board of Directors is launching its first Annual Membership Drive, and you now have the chance to make a real difference to our community. When you become a supporting member of Save Sag Harbor you will be part of a special group that is dedicated to protecting the character, scale and quality of life of our unique village.

There are currently many critical developments in the village,

some in the works and some just on the horizon. 

Save Sag Harbor is the only organization committed to upholding our hard-won zoning code and preserving our small stores and historic streetscapes.

We urgently need your support to continue our mission!

Please help us by becoming an active member of Save Sag Harbor today. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Your safe and secure Paypal donation  will help us pay for legal consultations, communications, PR, mailings, and public meeting spaces. We appreciate your support!

Contributing  Member         $25.00

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Guardian Member             $500.00

Use the Paypal button, or please mail your check to:

Save Sag Harbor

PO Box 775, Sag Harbor, NY 11963